Fire Guard Wastebaskets

Fire Guard Wastebaskets

Meets the most stringent fire approval standards. Will contain fire without burning and most important will not melt or collapse. Don’t be confused with others called fire resistant that will melt, deform, and allow the fire to escape.
Demand the best.
U.L. Approved.

Item Number Description Size

8 Qt. Wastebasket

7.5" x 9.5" x10"h

8 Qt Wastebasket w/Logo

7.5" x 9.5" x10"h

14 Qt. Wastebasket

8" x 11" x 12"h

14 Qt Wastebasket w/Logo

8" x 11" x 12"h

28 Qt. Wastebasket

10" x 14" x 14.5"h

28 Qt. Wastebasket w/Logo

10" x 14" x 14.5"h

All items available in Beige, Sand, Gray, Brown, Black, and Blue
Due to process some surface color variations may appear.

Photo shows results after 3.5 minutes of an identical amount of newspapers burning side by side under exact conditions. Don’t accept a substitute, only U.L. approved Fire Retardant wastebaskets offer the best protection.