Premium Portfolios

Premium Portfolios

Compliment your other Elmar room accessories and improve your presentation with our 2 and 3 section portfolios. Designed for elegance, this practical accessory with complete the look of guest rooms and suites. Clear vinyl insert-sleeves on the inside protect and organize your brochures and stationary, the entire center becomes a large writing area. TV, cable and movie guide covers finish the total presentation.

Item Number Description

2 Section, 12 x 9.75 Cover Size


2 Section. 12 x 9.75 Cover Size, w/Logo


3 Section flat, 12 x 19.5 Cover size


3 Section Flat, 12 x 19.5 Cover size, w/Logo


Movie, TV Guide Cover

Specify 5.375 x 8.25 or 5.375 x 6.5

Movie, TV Guide Cover with Logo