Wastebaskets- Round, Oval and Rectangle

Wastebaskets: Round, Oval and Rectangle

Wastebaskets from Hapco are both attractive and rugged. These one piece, high density polyethylene baskets will not rust, dent, crack, or leak. Most sizes are available in colors to match the ice buckets and trays. They can be customized with your logo.

Item Number Description Size
8 Qt. Rectangular Wastebasket
8 Qt. Rectangular Imprinted
13 Qt. Rectangular Wastebasket
13 Qt. Rectangular Imprinted
Round Wastebasket 14 Qt.
Round Wastebasket 14 Qt. with Imprint
Round Wastebasket 20 Qt.
Wastebasket 28 Qt.
Polybag for 13 Qt. Rectangular Wastebasket Dispenser Pack
14 Qt. Oval Wastebasket
14 Qt. Oval Wastebasket with Imprint
9 Qt. Oval Wastebasket
9 Qt. Oval Wastebasket with Imprint

Group (1) Beige, White, Walnut, Blush, Gray, Vanilla, Sand
Group (2) Blush, Sand, Forest Green, Taupe, Black, White

Oval baskets same size and design as metal wastebaskets.
They can be ordered as sets 9 & 14 Qt. to save freight.