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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Hapco Corporation is a family owned and operated business established in 1988 focused on providing Quality Products, Competitive Value and Responsive Service. We believe we have a responsibility to our customers, our employees and suppliers to be focused on implementing the best environmental practices when it relates to our day-to-day operations. Our Certified Green Eco-Contour collection, policies requiring recycled content materials, and facility wide use of sustainable products ensure our commitment to a reduced carbon footprint and improved environmental health. We have joined the Operation Clean Sweep Certification program to ensure our plastic resin remains out of the environment and ensures a safe working environment.

Facility Sustainability

Our molding facility was originally designed with energy efficiency and sustainability in mind. The molding process requires water to cool the molds and machines as part of the manufacturing process. We decided early on that by using a reverse chilling closed loop system, we would save millions of gallons of water but also be able to heat our plant in the winter with no extra energy cost. An up-front expense is well worth the long-term saving to energy use and environmental impact. We have also converted our entire facility over to energy efficient LED lighting. To reduce plastic bottle consumption, we provide Filtered Water Stations throughout our plant for refillable bottles. All consumable paper products, baths and office have recycled content, and all scrap paper and cardboard are bundled and recycled. All reject parts from the molding process are reprocessed and used back into existing parts or in some applications, back into a line of industrial totes.

Sustainable Packaging

All of our corrugated packaging has a minimum of 85% recycled paper board content and is 100 recyclable along with the tape that we use that is formulated to meet the standard to conform with paperboard recyclability. All the wrap we use is 100% recycled content.

Sustainable Sourcing

When developing our line of Certified Green Eco-Contour products, we looked to one of the leaders in renewable environmentally friendly materials and partnered with them to supply our Certified Green, Biobased-Biopolymer material that would meet the ASTMD 6866 standard. We have also looked beyond that and partnered with other sources including The Ocean Recover Project, and 4ocean to develop a small material supply of ocean recovery plastic. All part of a renewable future.

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