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Brushed Stainless Steel 8 Qt. Round Wastebasket

8 Qt. Brushed Metal Stainless Steel Round Wastebasket with rim 

  • Brushed finish does not show fingerprints like a polished surface
  • Easily cleans with a damp cloth, hand wash recommended
  • Make it easy for guests and staff to keep your property neat and tidy with our 8 Qt. stainless steel room wastebasket
  • Can hold up to 8 quarts of refuse to keep guest rooms, bathrooms and common areas free of debris
  • Resists moisture damage, mildew, and rust, making it perfect for living in spaces with steamy showers and running water
  • Part of an entire stainless steel Brushed Metal Room and Bath Collection
Product Number: S115
Product Size:  9" x 8"
Product Case Size: 6
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